Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson

Adjunct Professor

Francesco Paolo di Gangi/Heep Endowed Professorship in Theoretical Geophysics

Seismology - Seismic wave propagation, numerical modeling, microseismic, migration and inversion

  (979) 862-8653

  Halbouty 352


Dr. Gibson’s research interests concentrate on the applications of theoretical and numerical models of seismic wave propagation to problems in reservoir characterization, microseismic data analysis and fundamental seismology.  Recent and ongoing projects include collaborations with computer scientists, engineers and mathematicians to develop new and innovative solutions to such problems.  Current projects and interests include:

  • Development of multiscale finite element methods for simulating seismic wave propagation in complex media
  • Wave propagation in complex, near surface materials including karst
  • Time-lapse Seismic Monitoring and Performance of Assessment of CO2 Sequestration in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Selected Publications

Dadi, S., Gibson, R. L., & Sager, W. W. (2018). Understanding the late‐stage evolution of Shatsky Rise using transdimensional acoustic impedance inversion. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123, 1576–1590.

E. T. Chung, Y. Efendiev, R. L. Gibson, and W. T. Leung, Residual-driven online multiscale methods for acoustic-wave propagation in 2D heterogeneous media, GEOPHYSICS, 82 (2017), pp. T69–T77.

R. L. Gibson Jr., Y. Efendiev, J. Chester, Y. Cho, and E. Sotelo Gamboa, Multiscale Seismic Models of Complex Fracture Networks, (2017), pp. 1791–1806.

Gao, E. T. Chung, R. L. Gibson Jr., S. Fu, and Y. Efendiev, A numerical homogenization method for heterogeneous, anisotropic elastic media based on multiscale theory, GEOPHYSICS, 80 (2015), pp. D385–D401.

Cho, R. L. Gibson Jr., M. Vasilyeva, and Y. Efendiev, Generalized multiscale fi- nite elements for simulation of elastic-wave propagation in fractured media, GEOPHYSICS, 83 (2018), pp. WA9–WA20.

A.K. Vuong, Zhang, J., Gibson, Jr., R., and Sager, W., 2014 (in press), Application of the 2-d continuous wavelet transforms to imaging of Shatsky Rise plateau using marine seismic data:  in Geology Society of America, special volume on The Origin, Evolution, and Environmental Impacts of Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces.

Gibson, R. L., and Gao, Kai, 2014. An effective medium model for the stress-dependence of anisotropic seismic velocities in fractured rock: Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 406.

Gibson, R., Gao, K., Chung, E., and Efendiev, Y., 2014. Multiscale modeling of acoustic wave propagation in 2D media: GEOPHYSICS, 79(2), T61–T75.

Mohapatra, A. K., Gautam, N., and Gibson, R. L., 2013. Combined routing and node replacement in energy-efficient underwater sensor networks for seismic monitoring: Oceanic Engineering, IEEE Journal of, 38(1), 80–90.

Gao, K., and Gibson, R., 2012. Pressure-dependent seismic velocities based on effective compliance theory and an asperity deformation model: GEOPHYSICS, 77(6), D229–D243.

Rey, A., Bhark, E., Gao, K., Datta-Gupta, A., and Gibson, R., 2012. Streamline-based integration of time- lapse seismic and production data into petroleum reservoir models: GEOPHYSICS, 77(6), M73–M87.

Shekhar, Ravi, and Gibson, Jr., R. L., 2011. Generation of spatially correlated fracture models for seismic simulations: Geophysical Journal International, 185(1), 341–351.

Chung, E. T., Efendiev, Y., and Gibson, Jr., R. L., 2011. An energy-conserving discontinuous multiscale finite element method for the wave equation in heterogeneous media: Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis, 3(1-2), 251–268


B.Sc. Geology 1985, Baylor University

Ph.D. Geophysics 1991, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


2006 Practice Award The Decision Analysis Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, to E. Bickel, R.L. Gibson, D.A. McVay, S.C. Pickering, and J.R. Waggoner for WesternGeco Uses Decision Analysis to Communicate the Value of Seismic Surveys to Potential Clients

College-Level Distinguished Teaching Award, Texas A&M Association of Former Students (2004)

A.I. Levorsen Award, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (2000) Best paper award for the presentation Distinguishing water saturation changes from porosity or clay content changes using multicomponent seismic data, by F. Zhu, R.L. Gibson, Jr., J. Watkins and S.H. Yuh

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