There are some funding opportunities available through the College of Geosciences. For more information, please contact the graduate director or academic advisor.

Teaching Assistantships

Departments offer numerous teaching opportunities. Teaching is typically in undergraduate laboratory courses (e.g., GEOL 203), ranging from 10 to 30 students per lab section. The availability of these assistantships depends on the courses being offered each semester and student enrollment numbers in those classes. For more information, please contact the graduate director or academic advisor.

Research Assistantships

Many professors provide students with research assistantships working on a variety of projects within departments. An assistantship may or may not be directly related to your thesis or dissertation research. If there is a faculty member with whom you are particularly interested in working, please contact him or her about potential research opportunities.

Federally - Supported Grant or Fellowships

This type of support depend on the funds available that are provided by various federal agencies. For more information regarding possible grants or fellowship opportunities, please contact the graduate director or academic advisor.

University Scholarships or Fellowships

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) may also have funding opportunities. Many of these scholarships or fellowships have specific eligibility criteria and may or may not be appropriate to your department.

Non-Teaching Graduate Assistantship (GANT)

Assistantships may be available with university-affiliated organizations such as the Study Abroad Office or Association of Former Students. These are not typically available through your department, but require you to contact the particular branch of interest. Another resource for such opportunities is Jobs For Aggies, who maintain postings of work opportunities throughout the campus.