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Petroleum Geosciences and Geophysics

Apache Rig

Texas A&M is known internationally for its research and teaching in petroleum geology and geophysics. This tradition is strengthened by extensive cooperative research with the Department of Petroleum Engineering. Current faculty and student research includes projects in clastic and carbonate facies analysis, seismic and sequence stratigraphy, reservoir characterization, basin analysis, tectonics and sedimentation, petrophysics, seismic imaging and inversion, and time-lapse seismic imaging. Student research projects also involve collaboration with faculty and researchers in the Departments of Petroleum Engineering and Oceanography.


  • Ayers, Walter - Petroleum Engineering
  • Blasingame, Thomas A. - Petroleum Engineeering
  • Chester, Fred - Structural Geology
  • Chester, Judith - Structural Geology
  • Gibson, Richard - Geophysics
  • Laya, Juan Carlos - 
  • Perez, Nick - Basin Analysis
  • Pope, Mike - Stratigraphy
  • Reece, Bobby
  • Reece, Julia
  • Sun, Yuefeng - Petrophysics


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