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Dawid Szafranski
Dawid Szafranski
(979) 845-2451
(979) 845-6162
Halbouty 31

Texas A&M University

Department of Geology & Geophysics

MS 3115

College Station, TX 77843


2013, B.Eng., Geophysics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow

2014, M.Eng., Applied Geophysics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow


SEG/ExxonMobil SEP Travel Grant (Berlin, 2013)

7th IPTC International Education Week Travel Grant (Doha, 2014)

3rd Prize in EnergyBee Competition (Doha, 2014)

1st Prize in Student Oral Presentation Contest Sponsored by PGNIG (Krosno, 2014)


GEOL 102: Principles of Geology Laboratory (TA)

Dawid Szafranski

Graduate Student

Research Interests

Research interests: Microseismicity, Induced Seismicity, Seismic Data Processing, Geomechanics, Earthquake Seismology

Selected Publications

Main publications:

Jechumtalova, Z., and Szafranski, D. (2016) Determination of the Stress State – An Additional Benefit of Background Seismicity Monitoring. CSEG Recorder, 41(12), pp. 20-22.

Pawelec, I.K., Szafranski, D., and Eisner, L. (2016) Revision of Wadati method for Vp/Vs determination in layered media. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2016, pp. 2755-2759.

Szafranski, D., and Pawelec, I.K. (2015) Calibration of Vp/Vs ratio in isotropic layered model using passive seismic data. First Break, 33 (5), pp. 81-85.

Additional Information

2013: Student Trainee at KGHM International Ltd., Sudbury, Canada

2014-2015: Junior Analyst at Seimik s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

2015-2016: Analyst at Seismik s.r.o., Pregue, Czech Republic

Advisor: Dr. Benchun Duan

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