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Melissa (Melly) Meyer
Melissa (Melly) Meyer
(979) 845-2451
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Halbouty 57


B.S. Geological Engineering & B.S. Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2015

M.S. Geology, Texas A&M University, Fall 2016 to May 2018 (Expected)


Graduate Awards:

  • Tuition and research assistance is graciously being provided by Apache Corporation

Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation Family Scholarship: $70,000, disbursed annually 2010 to 2014
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient: $9,000, disbursed annually 2010 to 2014

Undergraduate Research Grants:

  • Hilldale Grant Recipient for Undergraduate Research: $3,000, Apr 2014
  • Shell Undergraduate Research Fund Award Recipient: $1,000, Apr 2014
  • Shell Undergraduate Research Fund Award Recipient: $1,000, Apr 2013

Undergraduate Honors:

  • Department of Geoscience Outstanding Senior Award, May 2015
  • Engineering Honors in Liberal Arts, 2010

Melissa (Melly) Meyer

Graduate Student

Research Interests

Xrf elemental analysis of 9 full section Eagle Bine cores and additional cutting supplementation will be used to create a regional chemostratigraphic framework throughout the Brazos Basin. The purpose of this study is to (1) establish elemental proxies for the three primary controlling factors on source rock development (preservation, productivity, and dilution), (2) map these proxy curves regionally throughout the basin, (3) determine sweet spots within the basin that are favorable for organic matter enrichment, and (4) compare this model to TOC, kerogen type, and production data.

Additional Information

Operations Geologist, Apache Corporation, May 2015 to Present

Advisor: Mike Pope

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