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Yongchae Cho
Yongchae Cho
(979) 845-2451
(979) 845-6162
Halbouty 376
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Texas A&M University
3115 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-3115


Ph.D. Geophysics, Texas A&M University (current)

M.Sc. Geophysics, Seoul National University (2013)

B.Sc. Energy system engineering, Seoul National University (2011)

Yongchae Cho

Graduate Student

Research Interests

Research interest: Seismic wave simulation, imaging, and waveform inversion

Selected Publications

Yongchae Cho∗, Richard Gibson, Maria Vasilyeva, and Yalchin Efendiev
 (2017) Generalized Multi-scale finite elements for simulation of elastic wave propagation in fractured media, Geophysics - submitted.

Richard Gibson, Yalchin Efendiev, Judith Chester, Yongchae Cho, and Edith Gamboa (2017) Multiscale seismic models of complex fracture networks, URTEC Technical Program Abstract–Austin.

Yongchae Cho∗, Richard Gibson, Maria Vasilyeva, and Yalchin Efendiev
(2016) Simulation of elastic wave propagation in fractured media with multi-scale finite elements, SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstract–Dallas, pp. 4003-4007.

Yongchae Cho∗, Wansoo Ha, Youngseo Kim, Changsoo Shin, Satish Singh, and Eunjin Park
(2016) Laplace-Fourier-domain full waveform inversion of deep-sea seismic data acquired with limited- offsets, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 173(3), pp. 749-773.

Yongchae Cho∗, Eunjin Park, Changsoo Shin, Jangwoo Kim, and Satish Singh
(2015) Full waveform inversion of deep-sea field seismic data acquired with limited-offsets, SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts–New Orleans, pp. 1070-1074.

Yongseo Kim, Yongchae Cho∗, and Changsoo Shin
(2013) Estimated source wavelet incorporated reverse time migration with virtual source imaging condition, Geophysical Prospecting, 61(s1), pp. 317-333.

Yongseo Kim, Yongchae Cho∗, UGen Jang, and Changsoo Shin
(2013) Acceleration of stable TTI P-wave reverse time migration with GPUs, Computers & Geosciences, 52, pp. 204-217. 

Additional Information

Advisor: Richard Gibson
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