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Santanu Majumder
Santanu Majumder
(979) 845-6162
Halbouty 363

Room 363, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Halbouty Geosciences Building

Texas A&M University

3115 TAMU, College Station,

Texas 77843-3115, USA


PhD, Analytical Chemistry (2013), Department of Chemistry, University of Girona, Spain

Master of Science, Chemistry (2007), Department of Chemistry, University of Kalyani, India

  • Fulbright-Nehru Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2016), USIEF
  • Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Fellowship (2010), European Commission
  • Offered DAAD Doctoral Fellowship (2010), German Academic Exchange Service

Santanu Majumder

Fulbright-Nehru Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests

  • Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  • Trace Elements in the Environment – Chemistry, Geochemistry and their Speciation
  • Analytical Method Development for Ultra-trace Quantification and Speciation
  • Green Chemistry – Application for Environmental Remediation
  • Arsenic Hydrogeochemistry

Selected Publications

1) Majumder S., Nath B., Datta S., Sarkar S., Neidhardt H., Berner Z., Hidalgo M., Chatterjee D., Chatterjee D. Monsoonal influence on variation of hydrochemistry and isotopic signatures: implications for associated arsenic release in groundwater. Journal of Hydrology, 535, 407-417, 2016.

2) Majumder S., Nath B., Sarkar S., Chatterjee D., Roman-Ross G., Hidalgo M. Size-fractionation of groundwater arsenic in alluvial aquifers of West Bengal, India: the role of organic and inorganic colloids. Science of the Total Environment, 468-469, 804-812, 2014.

3) Neidhardt H., Berner Z. A., Freikowski D., Biswas A., Majumder S., Winter J., Gallert C., Chatterjee D., Norra S. Organic carbon induced mobilization of iron and manganese in a West Bengal aquifer and the muted response of groundwater arsenic concentrations. Chemical Geology, 367, 51-62, 2014.

4) Majumder S., Nath B., Sarkar S., Islam S.M., Bundschuh J., Chatterjee D., Hidalgo M.. Application of natural citric acid sources and their role on removal of arsenic from drinking water: a green chemistry approach. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 262, 1167-1175, 2013.

5) Bhowmick S., Nath B., Halder D., Biswas A., Majumder S., Kundu A. K., Saha D., Mondal P., Chakraborty S., Nriagu J., Bhattacharya P., Roman-Ross G., Guha Mazumder D., Chatterjee D., Chatterjee D. Arsenic mobilization in the aquifers of three physiographic settings of West Bengal, India: understanding geogenic and anthropogenic influences. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 262, 915-923, 2013.

6) Neidhardt H., Biswas A., Freikowski D., Majumder S., Chatterjee D., Berner Z. Reconstructing the sedimentation history of the Bengal Delta Plain by means of geochemical and stable isotopic data. Applied Geochemistry, 36, 70-82, 2013.

7) Biswas A., Majumder S., Neidhardt H., Halder D., Bhowmick S., Mukherjee – Goswami A., Kundu A., Saha D., Berner, Z., Chatterjee, D. Groundwater chemistry and redox processes: depth dependent arsenic release mechanism. Applied Geochemistry, 26, 516-525, 2011.

8) Chatterjee D., Halder D., Majumder S., Biswas A., Nath B., Bhattacharya P., Bhowmick S., MukherjeeGoswami A., Saha D., Hazra R., Maity P. B., Chatterjee D., Mukherjee A., Bundschuh J. Assessment of arsenic exposure from groundwater and rice in Bengal Delta region, West Bengal, India. Water Research, 44, 5803-5812, 2010.

9) Lawson M., Ballentine C. J., Polya D. A., Boyce A. J., Mondal D., Chatterjee D., Majumder, S., Biswas A. The geochemical and isotopic composition of ground waters in West Bengal: tracing ground–surface water interaction and its role in arsenic release. Mineralogical Magazine, 72, 441-444, 2008.

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Peter Knappett
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