John Sarao

John Sarao

Graduate Student

  Halbouty 158


My research interests through my Master’s degree involved using calcareous nannofossils as a paleoceanographic proxy to interpret surface water conditions of the Mid-Maastrichtian Pierre Sea (Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway).

After my Masters, I spent 8.5 years as a calcareous nannofossil biostratigrapher in the oil industry.  Through this work I gained significant experience, having conducted wellsite nannopaleontology on >25 Gulf of Mexico wells, and wellsite nannopaleontology on numerous wells in East Africa.  I have also analyzed an additional +100 wellbores from diverse regions worldwide including Gulf of Mexico, Africa, Europe (Paris Basin), South America (Colombia), Trinidad (Columbus Basin), and Vietnam (Nam Con Son Basin).

In addition to strict biostratigraphy, my doctoral work will hopefully focus on the geochemical applications of carbonate sediment (specifically calcareous nannofossils). Additional interests include paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, isotope geochemistry, organic geochemistry (Alkenones), and global biogeochemical cycles.


M.S. Micropaleontology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2009)

B.S. Geology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (2006)


Geological Society of America Research Grant (2007)

Nebraska Geological Society Yatkola-Edwards Grant (2007)

American Association of Petroleum Geology Match of Yatkola-Edwards Grant (2007)


Geol 152: History of the Earth

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Advisor: Denise Kulhanek / Franco Marcantonio

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