Taiwo Olatunde

Taiwo Olatunde

Graduate Student

Reservoir characterization, carbonate reservoirs, digital rock physics, X-Ray micro-computed tomography, digital image analysis and processing, data analysis


  Halbouty 57


I am working on carbonate reservoir characterization using the advances in volumetric micro-imaging techniques, especially the X-ray micro-computed tomography method. It involves using numerical, analytical, and experimental techniques to develop an extended digital core analysis dataset of selected carbonate reservoir rock types.

Selected Publications

Olatunde, T.E., & Akinpelu, L.O. (2017, July 31). Extending the Fetkovich Type Curve Approach to Forecast Cumulative Production in Solution Gas Drive Reservoirs. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/189144-MS


B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering (2016), University of Ibadan, Nigeria

M.Sc. Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (2020), French Institute of Petroleum (IFP School), France

Additional Information

Advisor: Juan Carlos Laya and Thomas Seers

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