James R. Markello

James R. Markello

Graduate Student


  Halbouty 208


Carbonate Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Diagenesis,

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization, Modern Carbonates

Carbonate Systems Through Phanerozoic Time

Selected Publications

Markello, J.R., R.B. Koepnick, L.E. Waite, and J.F. Collins, 2008, The Carbonate Analogs Through Time (CATT) Hypothesis and the Global Atlas of Carbonate Fields – A Systematic and Predictive Look at Phanerozoic Carbonate Systems; in J. Lukasik and J.A. Simo, eds, Controls on Carbonate Platform and Reef Development, SEPM Special Publication No. 89, p. 15-45.

Sarg, J.F., J.R. Markello, and L.J. Weber, 1999, The Second-Order Cycle, Carbonate-Platform Growth, and Reservoir, Source, and Trap Prediction; in P.M. Harris and T.A. Simo, eds, Advances in Carbonate Stratigraphy, SEPM Special Publication 63, p. 11-34.

Sarg, J.F., J.R. Markello, R.B. Bloch, and R.T. Clarke, 1997, Stratigraphic architecture of the transgressive and turnaround phases, Guadalupian Supersequence, Cherry Canyon and San Andres Formations, Brokeoff and Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico; AAPG Field Trip #16 Guidebook, April 9-13, 1997, 213p.

Sarg, J.F., J.R. Markello, and L.J. Weber, 1997, The Second-Order Cycle, carbonate platform growth, and reservoir, source and trap prediction (abst); AAPG 1997 Annual Convention Program p. A102.

Markello, J.R. and J.F. Sarg, 1996, Phanerozoic tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Trans-Pecos and Permian Basin Regions (Mexico, Texas, New Mexico) using Landsat imagery, subsurface and outcrop data; Proceedings of the Eleventh Thematic Conference on Applied Geologic Remote Sensing, v. II, p. 651-664.

Markello, J.R. and J.F. Read, 1982, Upper Cambrian intrashelf basin, Nolichucky Formation, Southwest Virginia Appalachians; AAPG Bulletin, v. 66, p. 860-878.

Markello, J.R. and J.F. Read, 1981, Carbonate ramp-to-deeper shale shelf transitions of an Upper Cambrian intrashelf basin, Nolichucky Formation, southwest Virginia Appalachians; Sedimentology, v. 28, p. 573-597.


1976 BS Geology/Biology; University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

1979 MS Geology from; Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA


AAPG Distinguished Lecturer (USA 2005-2006; Middle East 2007)

ExxonMobil Corporate “Knowledge Management Award” for the GeoVideo Series – Famous Outcrops:

Where Geology Lessons are Learned, 2014

Finalist – ExxonMobil Upstream Geoscience “Peter Vail Award”, 2014

ExxonMobil Upstream “Field Safety Leader Award”, 2005

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company “Division Safety Leader”, 2004-2005

“Excellence in Instruction” for Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Exploration Concepts

(Ancient Carbonates – W. TX and NM), 2002-2005    

“Excellence in Instruction” for Carbonate Rocks and Depositional Environments (Modern Carbonates –

Turks & Caicos), 2002-2007, 2010, 2011


As an employee of ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, I participated as coordinator and instructor in the following in-house professional training courses: Modern Carbonates, Ancient Carbonates, Sequence Stratigraphy, Carbonate Petrophysics, and a Master Class Series of Industry-related Carbonate Geology topics.

Also, I was one of the team instructors for the ExxonMobil Core Geoscience Curriculum Courses of: Exploration and Structure & Stratigraphy.

For my responsibility to the Professor of Practice Appointment, I teach GEOL 624: Carbonate Reservoirs.

Additional Information

1979 – 1981 Chevron USA, Inc., Lafayette, LA.; Production Geologist

1981 – 1985 Superior Oil Co., Houston, TX; Carbonate Geology Specialist

1985 – 2000 Mobil Research & Technology Co., Dallas, TX; Carbonate Research Geologist

2000 – 2014 ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, TX; Carbonate Research Supervisor, Consultant

Dec 31, 2014 Retirement date from ExxonMobil Research Co. after 36 years in the Oil & Gas Industry

2016 – Forward Participate as Professor of Practice at the TAMU College of Geosciences with the objectives to assist with preparation of the next generation petroleum industry work force, and to fulfill my twice-deferred life goal of completing a PhD degree in geology

Advisor: Dr. Michael C. Pope

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