Lauren Holder

Lauren Holder

Graduate Student

  Halbouty 310


Geoscience Education, Curriculum Development, and Program Evaluation

  • Complex systems
  • Problem solving
  • Authentic learning environments
  • Integration of science and engineering practices

Selected Publications


Scherer, H., Holder, L.N., Herbert, B., 2017, Student Learning of Complex Earth Systems, Part I: Conceptual Frameworks of Earth Systems and Instructional Design, Journal of Geoscience Education

Malini, M., Sandoval, M.K., Holder, L.N., 2017, Engagement in Practice: Building service focused multidisciplinary groups to develop adaptable solutions, ASEE



Holder, L.N., Scherer, H., Herbert, B., 2017, Student Learning of Complex Earth Systems: A Model to Guide Development of Student Expertise in Problem Solving, Journal of Geoscience Education


 2011 - College of Charleston, Bachelors of Science


2016 - Student Research Week, 2nd Place Graduate Oral

2016 - Geology and Geophysics Student Research Symposium 2ndPlace PhD Research Oral

2014 - Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Geophysical Union

2014 - Geology and Geophysics Student Research Symposium 3rdPlace PhD

2012 - Geology and Geophysics Student Research Symposium 1stPlace PhD

2012 - NSF EAPSI Fellow at National Taiwan University

2012 - Hess Fellowship


Geology 101 Laboratory

Geology 101 Lecture

Oceanography 252 Laboratory

Additional Information

Geology and Geophysics Graduate Student Council Officer

Advisor: Bruce Herbert, Eric Riggs

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