Reid "Zeke" Buskirk

Reid "Zeke" Buskirk

Graduate Student

Geochemistry, hydrogeology, aqueous geochemistry, analytical chemistry

  Halbouty 370


My research focuses on iron (Fe) and arsenic (As) accumulation and transport in tidally fluctuating riverbank aquifers in Bangladesh’s Meghna River. To understand these processes, I am utilizing a reversing flow column experiment to directly investigate Fe precipitation, dissolution and recrystallization and As adsorption to
sediments and As fluxes to local shallow aquifers and the Meghna River. Other research interests include nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) transport and fate, novel experimental apparatus development to tackle unconventional hydrological and geochemical environments, and the fate of dissolved organic carbon (DOC),
dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and nutrients in rainforest watersheds.

Selected Publications

Buskirk, R.E., Malzone, J.M., Borowski, W.S., Cornelison, J. The impact of small-scale land cover and groundwater interactions on base flow solute and nutrient export in a small agricultural stream. Environ Monit Assess 192, 574 (2020).


B.S. Geology, Eastern Kentucky University: May 2019
B.S. Chemistry Eastern Kentucky University: May 2019


Talisman Fellowship (2020)
ConocoPhillips/HEEP Endowed Graduate Fellowship (2020)
Michael T Halbouty Fellowship (2021)

Additional Information

Advisor: Peter Knappett

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