Monica Barbery

Monica Barbery

Graduate Student

Experimental rock mechanics, fault mechanics, earthquake source physics

  Halbouty 29


Monica’s research focuses on earthquake physics and friction and faulting in rock. Her research utilizes a high-speed biaxial apparatus to experimentally deform rocks at accelerations, velocities and pressures approaching values expected in the seismogenic zone in combination with thermomechanical modelling and microstructural analysis.

Selected Publications

Barbery, M. R., Chester, F. M., & Chester, J. S. (2021). Characterizing the distribution of temperature and normal stress on flash heated granite surfaces at seismic slip rates. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126, e2020JB021353.


B.S. Geology, University of Texas at Arlington (2010)

M.S. Earth and Environmental Science, University of Texas at Arlington (2015)


Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2021 (Start date 6/2022)

Michael T. Halbouty Graduate Fellowship, College of Geosciences, Texas A&M University, 2021

John and Frances Handin Graduate Fellowship, Center for Tectonophysics, Texas A&M University, 2020

Outstanding Student Presentation Award, AGU, 2019

Additional Information

Advisor: Frederick Chester and Judi Chester

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