Mark Everett

Mark Everett


Howard Karren Endowed Professor

Near-surface Applied Geophysics

  (979) 862-2129

  Halbouty 357A


  • Near-surface applied geophysics 
  • Controlled-source electromagnetics
  • Ground-penetrating radar
  • Electrical resistivity tomography 
  • Archaeological, geotechnical and agricultural applications of geophysics
  • Geophysical responses of complex geological systems 
  • Inductive reasoning and time series analysis


Mark Everett's research focuses on near-surface applied geophysics, especially electromagnetic, ground-penetrating radar, electrical resistivity tomography and magnetics methods for solving environmental, engineering, archaeological, water, and natural resource and hazards problems. Current work includes both practical case studies, ecohydrogeophysical and cultural heritage projects, plus theoretical studies in fundamental topics such as long-range-dependent heterogeneity and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. Teaching interests include applied geophysics instruction through traditional lectures and outdoor field experiences. 

Selected Publications

R Arjwech T Ruansorn M Schulmeister ME Everett T Thittimakorn P Pondthai K Somchat 2021 Protection of electricity transmission infrastructure from sinkhole hazard based on electrical resistivity tomography Eng Geol 293 106318

D Hanssens E Van De Vijver W Waegeman, ME Everett I Moffat A Sarris P De Smedt 2021 Ambient temperature and relative humidity based drift correction in ground-based frequency domain electromagnetics using machine learning Near Surface Geophysics 19 541-556

ME Everett TS DeSmet RR Warden HA Ruiz-Guzman P Gavette J Hagin 2021 The Fortress Beneath: Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging of the Citadel at Alcatraz: 1. A Guide for Interpretation Heritage 4 1328-1347

R Arjwech ME Everett S Chaisuriya W Youngme J Rattanawannee S Saengchomphu T Thitimakorn K Somchat 2021 Electrical resistivity tomographic detection of the hidden Thakek fault, Northeast Thailand Near Surface Geophysics 19 4 489-501

M Brankovic E Gildin  RL Gibson ME Everett 2021 A Machine Learning-Based Seismic Data Compression and Interpretation Using a Novel Shifted-Matrix Decomposition Algorithm. Appl. Sci 11 11 4874.

JM Martin ME Everett PK Knappett 2021 Coupling hydrogeophysics with hydrodynamic modeling to infer subsurface hydraulic architecture of an alluvial floodplain Near Surface Geophysics 19 335-352

ID Dobreva HA Ruiz-Guzman I Barrios-Perez T Adams ME Everett MD Burow P Payton and DB Hays 2021 Thresholding analysis and feature extraction from 3D ground penetrating radar data for noninvasive assessment of peanut yield Remote Sensing 13 1896.

A Micallef R Marchis N Saadatkhah RC Gispert P Pondthai ME Everett A Avram A Timar-Gabor D Cohen RP Trapani B Weymer 2021 Groundwater erosion of coastal gullies along the Canterbury coast (New Zealand): A rapid and episodic process controlled by rainfall intensity and substrate variability Earth Surf Dynamics 9 1-18

R Arjwech ME Everett S Saengchomphu K Somchat P Pondthai 2021 Geophysical mapping of gypsum for exploration of reserves in the Nong Bua area of Thailand Quart J Eng Geol Hydrogeol 54 qjegh2019-180

K Phengnaone R Arjwech ME Everett 2020 2D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) method to delineate coal seams: case studies on lignite and anthracite Songklanakarin J Sci Technol 42 844-849

BA Weymer PA Wernette ME Everett P Pondthai M Jegen A Micallef 2020 Multi-layered permeability conduits connecting onshore and offshore coastal aquifers Frontiers Marine Sci 531293

R Arjwech ME Everett M Schulmeister 2020 Soil salinity mapping of an urbanizing area in northeast
Thailand Quart J Eng Geol Hydrogeol 53 413-424

P Pondthai ME Everett A Micallef BA Weymer Z Faghih A Haroon M Jegen 2020 3D characterization of a coastal freshwater aquifer in SE Malta (Mediterranean Sea) by time-domain electromagnetics Water 12 6 23pp

R Arjwech K Somchat P Pondthai ME Everett M Schulmeister S Saengchompu 2020 Assessment of geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical characteristics of a proposed waste disposal site: a case study in Kohn Kaen, Thailand Geosciences 10 doi:10.3390/geosciences10030109 18pp

ME Everett AD Chave 2019 Energy flow in terrestrial controlled source-electromagnetic geophysics Eur J Phys 40 065202

ME Everett AD Chave 2019 On the physical principles underlying electromagnetic induction Geophysics 84 W21-W32 (awarded SEG 2019 Best Paper in Geophysics)

T Sartima R Arjwech ME Everett 2019 Geophysical mapping of shallow rock salt at Borabue, northeast Thailand Near Surf Geophys 17 403-416  

R Arjwech ME Everett 2019 Electrical resistivity tomography at construction sites in northeast Thailand with implcations for building foundation design J Eng Environ Geophys 24 333-340

T de Smet ME Everett RR Warden T Komas JN Hagin P Gavette JA Martini L Barker 2019. Fate of the historic fortifications at Alcatraz island based on virtual ground-testing of ground-penetrating radar interpretations from the recreation yard Near Surf Geophys 17 151-168

JD Phillips RC Ewing R Bowling BA Weymer P Barrineau JA Nittrouer ME Everett 2019 Low-angle eolian deposits formed by protodune migration, and insights into slipface development at White Sands dune field New Mexico Aeolian Res 36 9-26

M Łój S Porzucek T Gołębiowski ME Everett 2018 Microgravimetric and GPR surveys for detection of unconsolidated zones in a levee E3S Web Conf 66 01022 

P Wernette C Houser B Weymer ME Everett M Bishop B Reece 2018 Long-range dependence in coastal framework geology: asymmetries and implications for barrier island resiliency Earth Surf Dynamics 6 1139-1153

B Weymer P Wernette ME Everett C Houser 2018 Statistical modeling of the long-range dependent structure of barrier island framework geology and surface geomorphology Earth Surf Dynamics 6 431-450 

R Bowling JC Laya ME Everett 2018 Resolving carbonate platform geometries on the island of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands through semi-automatic GPR facies classification Geophys J Int 214 687-703 

P Wernette C Houser BA Weymer ME Everett MP Bishop B Reece 2018 Influence of a spatially complex framework geology on island morphology Marine Geol 398 151-162

JP Ackerson KJ McInnes CLS Morgan ME Everett CC Molling 2017 Measuring crack porosity using three-dimensional electrical resistivity tomography Soil Sci Soc Am J 81 1025-1035

AD Chave J Mattsson ME Everett 2017 On the physics of frequency domain controlled source electromagnetics in shallow water 2: transverse anisotropy Geophys J Int 211 1068-1083

J Knicely ME Everett DW Sparks 2017 Magnetic anomalies on Io and their relationship to the spatial distribution of volcanic centers Phys Earth Planet Int 269 133-147

AD Chave ME Everett J Mattsson J Boon J Midgely 2017 On the physics of frequency domain controlled source electromagnetics in shallow water 1: isotropic conductivity Geophys J Int 208 1026-1042

DG Beskardes CJ Weiss ME Everett 2017 Estimating the power law distribution of Earth electrical conductivity from low-frequency, controlled-source electromagnetic responses Geophys J Int 208 639-651

BA Weymer ME Everett C Houser P Wernette P Barrineau 2016 Differentiating tidal and seasonal effects on barrier island hydrogeology: testing the utility of portable multi-frequency EMI profilers Geophysics 81 E347-E361

R Arjwech ME Everett 2016 2D electrical resistivity tomography for solving engineering problems: three case studies Songklanakarin J Sci Technol 37 507-514

J Ge ME Everett CJ Weiss 2015 Fractional diffusion analysis of the electromagnetic field in fractured media Part II: 3-D approach Geophysics 80 E175-E185

SE Tucker S Hurlebaus JL Briaud ME Everett 2015 Electrical resistivity and induced polarization imaging for unknown bridge foundations ASCE J Geotech Geoenviron Eng 141 04015008 11pp.

B Weymer ME Everett TS de Smet C Houser 2015 Review of electromagnetic induction for mapping barrier island framework geology Sed Geol 321 11-24

JP Ackerson CLS Morgan ME Everett KJ McInnes 2014 The role of water content in electrical resistivity tomography of a vertisol Soil Sci Soc Am J 78 1552-1562.

R Arjwech ME Everett JL Briaud S Hurlebaus Z Medina-Cetina S Tucker N Yosefpour 2013 Electrical resistivity imaging of unknown bridge foundations Near-Surf Geophys 11 591-598

J Ge ME Everett CJ Weiss 2012 Fractional diffusion analysis of the electromagnetic field in fractured media Part I: 2-D approach Geophysics 77 WB213-WB218

T Desmet ME Everett CJ Pierce D Pertermann DB Dickson 2012 Electromagnetic induction in susburface metal targets: cluster analysis using point pattern spatial statistics Geophysics 77 WB161-WB169

ME Everett 2012 Theoretical developments in electromagnetic induction geophysics with selected application in the near surface Surveys in Geophysics 33 29—63


1985 BSc Physics York University (Canada)

1987 MSc Physics York University (Canada)

1991 PhD Geophysics University of Toronto


GEOP 313 Geophysical Field Methods

GEOP 413 Near-Surface Applied GEophysics

GEOP 450 Geology Senior Project

     Recent themes:

     1. Geoscience onshore-offshore connectivity

     2. Groud-penetrating radar imaging of the terrestrial sebsurface

Additional Information

1991 Postdoctoral Researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

1993 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge, UK

2010 Guest Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2014 Visiting Professor, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Author, Near-Surface Applied Geophysics, Cambridge Univ. Press (2013)

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Geophysics

State of Texas Professional Geoscientist #5141

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