Mukul Bhatia

Mukul Bhatia

Executive Professor and Dan A. Hughes '51 Chair

Director of The Berg-Hughes Center

  (979) 862-1724

  Halbouty 102B


Upstream Oil & Gas

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS)

Sustainability and Environment

Field Development Planning

Unconventional Resources

Deep Water Developments

Reservoir Characterization & Surface Mapping

Seismicity and Water Disposal

Produced Water Management

Selected Publications

Geological and Geomechanical Modeling of the Haynesville Shale: A Full Loop for Unconventional Fractured Reservoirs, Unconventional Resource Technology Conference, San Antonio, SPE/AAPG/SEG, URTec 2460295, 2016 (with S. Bayer, M. Wunderle et al)

Bayu-Undan Field: Appraisal and Development Planning: SPE 38064, p 401- 414, 1997. (with D. Reese, J. Currie, Y.S. Chow)

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Rare earth element geochemistry of Australian Paleozoic greywackes and mudrocks: provenance and tectonic control. Sedimentary Geology, v 45, p 97 – 113, 1985

Composition and classification of Paleozoic Flysch mudrocks of Australia: implications in provenance and tectonic setting interpretation. Sedimentary Geology, v 41, p 249 – 268, 1985

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Plate Tectonics and Geochemical Composition of Sandstones. Journal of Geology, v 91, p 611- 627, 1983

Trace element geochemistry and sedimentary provinces: a study from the Tasman Geosyncline. Chemical Geology, v 33, p 115-125, 1981 (with S.R. Taylor)

Evolution of Late Paleozoc glacial-marine sedimentation in the Simla Hills, Lesser Himalaya, India. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Mh 5, p 267 – 288, 1981

Late Paleozoic diamictites of the Simla Hills, Lesser Himalayas, India: age and geochemistry. In: W.B. Harland (Editor), Earth’s Pre-Pleistocene Glacial Record, Cambridge University Press, p 293, 1981

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The Blaini Formation – a marker horizon in Lesser Himalayas, its age and classification. Science and Culture, v 42, p 579 – 580, 1976 (with A.K. Prasad)

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Brien, J.A., Obkirchner, G., Knappett, P.S.K., Miller, G.R., Burnett, D., Bhatia, M., Impacts of Groundwater Pumping for Hydraulic Fracturing on other Sector Wells in Aquifers Overlying the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas, in preparation.

Bhatia, M., Delaware Basin & Vaca Muerta Production & GOR, Keynote Address, 2020 Unconventional Resource Reserves Conference, EAGE, Mexico City.

Bhatia, M., Delaware Basin GOR and Production Forecasting, Keynote Address 2018 Unconventional Resources Reserves Conference, Houston.

Bhatia, M., Evolving Role of Geoscientists, AAPG Explorer, September 2020.

Falola, Y., Misra, S., Foster, J., and Bhatia, M., (2022), Data-Driven Workflow for the Preemptive Detection of Excess Water Producing Wells Drilled in Unconventional Shales, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, accepted for publication.

Foster, J., Misra, S., Falola, Y., and Bhatia, M., (2022), Preemptive Detection of High Water-Cut Wells in Delaware Basin using a Joint Unsupervised and Supervised Learning Approach, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, under review.

Foster, J., Misra, S., Osogba, O., and Bhatia, M., (2022) Machine Learning Associated Detection of Excess Water-Producing Wells in Unconventional Shale Plays, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, volume 92, p. 104025, 202 , doi:10.1016/j.jngse.2021.104025.

Obkirchner, G.E., Knappett, P.S.K., Burnett, D., Bhatia, M., (2019), Evaluating the Impacts of Pumping for Hydraulic Fracturing on Local Aquifer Drawdown Shale, Texas: Optimizing Water Resource Management in the Eagle Ford Shale, Extended Abstract, American Geophysical Union Conference.

Rivera-Gonzalez N*; Bajpayee, A.*; Nielsen, J.; Zakira, U.; Zaheer, W.; Handy J.; Birgisson, B.; Bhatia, M.; Banerjee, S., (2022), Surface Tailoring of Sustainable Cement-based Membrane for the Desilting and Deoiling of Produced Water in Permian Basin. Iscience, 2022, In review. (*authors contributed equally to the work)


Ph.D. Geology – The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia 1982

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  • Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists, License #6589
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers, Member
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Member
  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Member

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