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Thomas E Yancey
(979) 845-0643
Halbouty 167

Dept. Geology & Geophysics

Texas A&M University


College Station, Texas 77843-3115


Ph.D. in Paleontology, University of Calif, Berkeley, Calif, 1971

M.A. in Geology, University of California, Berkeley, Calif, 1969

B.A. in Geology, University of California, Berkeley, Calif, 1966



Thomas E Yancey

Paleoenvironment analysis; Sedimentary structures; Bivalve paleontology

Research Interests

Stratigraphic study and Depositional Analysis of Cenozoic and Late Paleozoic sediments

Paleontology of Molluscs and Brachiopods

Tephrochronology of Cenozoic deposits

Selected Publications

Wahl, P.J., Yancey, T.E., Pope, M.C., Miller, B.V., and Ayers, W.B., 2016, U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of the Upper Paleocene to Lower Eocene Wilcox Group, east-central Texas; Geosphere, v. 12, no. 5, 15 p. doi: 10.1130/GES01313.1

Heintz, M.L., Yancey, T.E., Miller, B.V., and Heizler, M.T., 2015, Tephrochronology and geochemistry of Eocene and Oligocene volcanic ashes of east and central Texas; Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 127, p.770-780   doi:10.1130/B31146.1

Henkes, G.A., Passey, B.H., Grossman, E.L., Shenton, B., Perez-Huerta, A., and Yancey, T.E., 2014. Temperature limits for preservation of primary calcite clumped isotope paleotemperatures. Geochimica e Cosmochimica Acta, v. 139, p. 362–382.

Yancey, T.E., Mustoe, G.E., Leopold, E.G., and Heizler, M.T., 2013, Mudflow disturbance in latest Miocene forests in Lewis County, Washington; Palaios, v. 28,p. 343-358.  doi: 10.2110/palo.2012.p12-063r

Yancey, T.E., and Liu, C., 2013, Impact-Induced Sediment Deposition On An Offshore, Mud-Substrate Continental Shelf, Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary, Brazos River, Texas, U.S.A; Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 83, n.4, p. 354-367

Hart, M.B., Yancey, T.E., Leighton, A.D., Miller, B., Liu, C., Smart, C.W. and Twitchett, R.J., 2012, The Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary on the Brazos River, Texas: New stratigraphic sections and revised interpretations; Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, GCAGS Journal, v. 1, p. 69-80.

Yancey, T.E., Dunham, A. and Durney, K., 2012, Paleocene-Eocene marine transgression in the Upper Calvert Bluff Formation, Wilcox Group, Bastrop County, Texas; Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, Transactions, v. 62, p. 491-502.

Hendricks, J.K., Yancey, T.E., Flis, J.E., Flis, C.J. and Grossman, E.L., 2012, Formation of barrel concretions around methane seepage pathways in Upper Middle Eocene shelf sediments, Stone City Bluff, Texas; Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, Transactions, v. 62, p. 179-188.

McBride, E.F., Folk, R.L. and Yancey, T.E., 2012, Silica-cemented sandstones (groundwater calcretes) in outcrops of the Jackson Group, Texas coastal plain; Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, Transactions, v. 62, p. 273-285.

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