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Christopher Mathewson
Christopher Mathewson
Regents Professor Emeritus
(979) 845-2488
(979) 847-9313
Halbouty 367B
Additional Information:
Research Interests:
  • Engineering and Environmental Geology -- Natural hazards, Land use, Urban planning
  • Professional licensure and registration, ethics, licensure examination
  • Continuing Education -- groundwater hydrology, aquifer characterization, fate and transport of contaminants, site remediation
Professional Service (Current):
  • Member, Council of Examiners, National Association of State Boards of Geology; prepare and review the "Fundamentals of Geology Examination" for geologist licensure: appointed by BoD 1992
  • Member of the Texas State Board of Professional Geoscientists: Appointed by Gov. Perry 2012
Service at TAMU:
  • Joined: 1 September 1971
  • Retired: 30 May 2011
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