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Paul (Jeff) Fox
Paul (Jeff) Fox
Professor Emeritus
Additional Information:

Research Expertise:
  • Marine geology and geophysics 
Research Interests:
  • Investigation of the processes that create oceanic lithosphere along the world-encircling Mid-Oceanic Ridge System
  • The architecture and nature of oceanic crust
  • Tectonic reconstructions of the ocean basins of the North Atlantic
  • The consequences of geostrophic circulation on the distribution of sediments in the western North Atlantic.
Professional Service (Current):
  • Serving as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Service at TAMU:
  • Joined: Arrived May/June 1995 to serve as Director of Science operations for Ocean Drilling Program
  • Retired: departed TAMU in May/June of 2010
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