Strong Applications

GRE Scores and Grades

We do not use GRE scores and/or GPA as sole criteria for graduate admission but, rather, we will evaluate your application package in its entirety, including letters of reference and personal essay. For information purposes only, over the past 5 years, the average GRE scores of admitted students have been about 154-verbal and 156-quantitative while the average GPA has been about 3.39.

Personal Statement

The Statement should be an essay describing past experiences and, especially, achievements relevant to the MS or PhD program and should indicate a proposed research topic. Applicants should contact faculty with whom they share research interests, and they should mention these faculty by name in their essay. Strong essays provide an argument for why an applicant seeks graduate study in our department, making reference to specific faculty members and facilities. Essays that are generic, focus on personal strengths and weaknesses, or place undue emphasis on themes unrelated to the MS or PhD program are neither persuasive nor compelling; similarly, essays that do not include previous research experiences and achievements may not be rated highly.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should come from academic referees, preferably to previous employers; however, in cases where your workplace professional activities are directly related to your planned MS or PhD course of study, then letters from supervisors are welcomed.