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Paleobiology and Geobiology


Paleobiology Laboratory and Collections

Research fossil collections of Carboniferous and Permian and Paleogene macrofossils, with a focus on the rich fossil biotas of Texas and adjoining areas; preparation facilities with cutting, grinding, air abrasive and chemical processing equipment.

Evolutionary Geobiology Laboratory

For analyzing paleontological samples (rocks) and for culturing and working with microbes, including a combination petrographic/fluorescence microscope and an X-ray fluorescence microprobe (Horiba XGT-7000). Additional equipment will include a minus 80 freezer, walk-in cold storage, two fume hoods and a laminar flow hood, a PCR thermal cycler, centrifuges, incubators, and several custom-built chemostats.

Micropaleontology Laboratory

Preparatory facilities for sediment samples for micropaleontological analysis.

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