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About G&G

The first geology classes began at Texas A&M in 1903 as a part of the Chemistry Department. Today¹s Department of Geology and Geophysics was formed in 1994 when the two separate departments were merged. Housed in the Michel T. Halbouty Geosciences building complex, the department has around 500 undergraduates, 150 graduate students, and 32 faculty members. Because of the renewed activity of the oil and gas industry through the development of the Eagle Ford Formation as well as the upcoming "crew change" in the industry workforce, the department has experienced from an 80 percent increase in undergraduate students in the last two years. These Future geologists and geophysicists will be essential to our economy, our future and our world.


The diverse research interests of the faulty include environmental geology and geophysics, engineering geology and geophysics, geochemistry, geodynamics, mineralogy and petrology, paleontology, seismology, sedimentary and petroleum geology, structural geology, and tectonophysics. The department has a rich heritage of working with many industry and government partners who support students and researchers in numerous ways, leading to the creation of financial and academic opportunities for the department, its faculty and rewarding experiences for the students.


  • Petroleum geosciences
  • Water resources and environmental geosciences
  • Life, climate and Earth History
  • Tectonophysics and geodynamics

Research Centers and Resources

Numerous well-equipped laboratories and a host of field exploration equipment are available for performing analytical, experimental and field geological and geophysical research. Annual research expenditures for the Department average nearly $6M.

  • Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems
  • Center for Tectonophysics
  • R. Ken Williams ¹45 Radiogenic Isotope Geosciences Laboratory
  • Stable Isotope Geosciences Facility


Our students are enrolled in curricula to achieve BS, BA, MS and Ph.D. degrees in geology or geophysics.

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